Ali + David - Cranford Lodge South Africa

When wild circumstances come together to include you for a brief moment into someone else’s universe, in a another country, on a different continent and you’re welcomed wholeheartedly by their friends and family, who were just recently complete strangers and overnight you truly feel like you’ve known them all for years. Those nights where you dance, jump, shout, scream until you can barely talk, but don’t dare stop. You don’t even notice that you’re beyond exhausted, or that you’ve been standing for 13 hours, because this is more than a wild party. This is a once in a lifetime celebration and because nights like these are rare, and you owe it to this moment to drink it up and enjoy every second. Nights where photo bombs and pure candid moments yield hilariously better result than anything you could have ever orchestrated.

THANK YOU so much Ali & Dave, I loved every second of this trip. Your both incredible, and I’m beyond thankful that you included me not only in the wedding, but in all the adventures before and after. I seriously had a damn blast and you’ve made me fall in love with South Africa! <3

Oh and may we never forget our lord & savior Skebanga ;)



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