How to Prepare for your Engagement Session

Hey Lovelies! Engagement sessions are important for several reasons. The most important being that it helps develop a great relationship with you and me! Part of the reason why I love photographing couples is because I find each couple so completely unique. So I love getting to chat with you both, learning what makes you laugh or smile and how you interact with your partner. Especially since each and every couple is completely different! Some are silly, some are passionate and love their PDA and other's are more reserved and quiet. This is a big reason why I adore my job, because I love people. I approach every single session differently because no two people are the same and I love that!

So I get asked this question quite often, so I thought I'd make a little post filled with a bunch of useful information for your engagement shoot!


How to Prepare for your Engagement Session

    • This is the perfect time to get your makeup and hair done! (If you are looking for a great makeup artist make sure you contact Glitz Gals). A little bit of extra glam takes your photos to the next level!
    • You want your pictures to represent you and your personal style. Black and white or colours are great but colours that are more neutral or pastel are better and keep the prints simple. Also (especially for the guys) clothes without logos please! Wear outfits you love and that you're comfortable in. I also want to maximize my time with you so bring an outfit change or two! Something casual and something fancy is always nice for a completely different look. Bonus points for flowy dresses, they always look great in photos! Lastly, leave the transition glasses at home!
    • Do you love your dog(s)? Bring them along as I love photographing animals! Just make sure you have a friend as a wrangler so we can have some time with just us three too!
    • Ideally pick a location that's special to you both! I can make a bunch of recommendations but ultimately it's your choice! Do you want something more nature-y and green? (High Park, Cherry Beach?) or something more urban? (your favourite coffee shop, Distillery District, Queen St?). Some places require permits so keep that in mind! (Like Allan Gardens, Edward Gardens some buildings etc). 
    • Look at Pinterest or Wedding Blogs to get a sense of the type of shots you like. I know there's a reason why you chose me as a photographer but if there's a certain pose or if you prefer a certain look or style of editing, send me some examples!  This is your shoot and I want you to be happy!
    • Don’t go crazy with the tanning… A soft sun kissed glow is always nice but don’t overdo it. Burnt red skin and fake orange glows aren’t always flattering. Neither are weird tanlines (like sunglasses, hats or strange bathing suit tans).
    • Being on time is important. I sometimes schedule multiple shoots in one day. Being on time is important especially if we are shooting in the evening and we have a limited amount of time before the sun goes down.
    • I often get asked when's the best time to shoot and it's usually an hour and half before sunset! I can work with bright daylight but it is a bit more limited. 
  • Worried about feeling awkward or that you'll be bad at this? Honestly, don't worry. My job is to make you comfortable, laughing and to get genuine emotions out of you. I've been shooting weddings and portraits for over ten years, so I've become really great at reading people! To be honest, I get complimented all the time on my ability to make people comfortable. I inherited it from my dad, the ultimate social butterfly!
  • When booking it's always a good idea to setup a backup date just incase we get bad weather! I'll be keeping an eye on the weather and usually make the call on the morning of.
  • Don't overthink it. Yes locations and outfits are important but they're 2nd priority for me. Most of my time during our shoot is spent making jokes and being silly to make you both comfortable and make it possible for me to capture authentic and candid expressions and poses.