Carly & Seth - Engagement Shoot at Wynchwood Barns

Shared a bunch of laughs with these two silly lovebirds on Thursday while shooting their engagement photos at Wynchwood Barns and Cedarvale Park! Can't wait for their wedding next month at the Brickworks! Ps - Thanks for the hella tasty ice cream sandwich and introducing me to Moose Tracks ice cream hehehe

xoxo Lori Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_002Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_001Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_003 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_004 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_005 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_006 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_007 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_008 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_009 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_010 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_011 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_012 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_013 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_014 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_015 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_016 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_017 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_018 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_019